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About Asia Lab
Asia Lab's vision is to be the leading company in the region that provides health, safety and environment monitoring, certification and advisory services.

Our mission is to help our clients create an environment that is safe for their employees, customers, business partners and the communities around them.
Asia Lab was established in 1985. Today, Asia Lab is one of the leading companies in the region that provides comprehensive monitoring services on radiation and chemical hazardous to health, and Quality Assurance services for irradiating apparatus. Asia Lab is the first company in Malaysia that have dual accreditations from by the Malaysian Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) and Ministry of Health. Asia Lab operates an environmental monitoring laboratory located in Kuala Lumpur to support a wide range of environmental and personnel exposure monitoring activities across the ASEAN region.


Dato’ Ahmad Nazri Abdullah

Dato’ Ahmad Nazri assumes the chairman position since 2003. Dato’ Nazri has extensive experience and investments in the health industry and is currently an executive director at Radicare Malaysia. Dato’ Nazri has a good track record in managing a portfolio of large and middle sized enterprises in many countries for the last 10 years. Some of these countries include The United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, Indonesia and many others. Dato’ Nazri is the former Managing Director of MRCB Berhad and the former Managing Editor of the New Strait Times.

Mr. Jailani Mustafa

Mr. Jailani Mustafa joined Asia Lab in August 2006 after working for Accenture for 16 years. Throughout his career in Accenture, Jailani managed and led a number of large scale business and operational improvement programs for a number of multi-national companies in the Asia Pacific. Some of his responsibilities in Accenture include Head of Customer Relationship Management for Asia Oil & Gas & Chemicals Industry Group and Chemicals Industry Business Development Lead for ASEAN Oil and Gas practice. Jailani received his Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Accounting from University of South Australia. Jailani is also a member of Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA).
Vice President
Ms. Anne Lawai Awan

Ms. Anne Lawai Awan assumes position as Vice President of Asia Lab in 2011. Ms. Anne received her Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and joined Asia Lab in 1996. Her 18 years of experience in radiation and environmental industries consist of various project management and consultancy for Oil & Gas and manufacturing industries in Malaysia and also in other countries such as, Turkmenistan, Myanmar, Singapore, and Indonesia. Licensed as Radiation Consultant by AELB, she successfully consulted many high profile cases, among them are Environmental Radiological Monitoring Programme for Lynas Malaysia, TENORM Management System for Sabah Shell and Radiation Impact Assessment for Labuan & Miri Crude Oil Terminal. Ms. Anne is an AELB licensed trainer and have conducted numerous Radiation and TENORM Awareness Training and also invited as keynote speaker in international level such as TENORM Regional Workshop Indonesia organized by PT Asialab Indonesia.
Senior Operation Manager
Mr. Harun Wan Nik

Mr. Harun Wan Nik currently assumes position as Senior Operation Manager in Asia Lab. He received Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Marine Science from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and joined Asia Lab in year 1992. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Harun have a diverse experience and technical expertise in Laboratory Analysis, Standardization and Licensing. He successfully established laboratory quality manual in compliance with ISO/IEC Guide 25 Standards and maintain lab quality as accredited under Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia (SAMM). Mr. Harun showed great dedication when serving as Administration and Operation Executive in 1999, coordinating and planning operation for TENORM and Radiation industry for many Oil & Gas clients throughout Malaysia such as Petronas, Shell and Esso, and also mineral industries such as Asean Rare earth and Malaysian Titanium. En. Harun is a certified trainer by AELB and conducted many TENORM and Radiation awareness training. Currently Mr. Harun responsible in overseeing all operation activities in Malaysia.
Senior Manager QA/QC
Mr. Jasmi Othman

In 1992, En Jasmi Othman awarded Bachelor in Science in Biology (major) & Psychology (minor), from University of Houston, Texas, USA. Served as Laboratory Technologist for Medical and Microbiology lab, he is highly experienced in various medical and biological analysis method. Currently En. Jasmi is the Senior Manager at Asia Lab and have been providing Radiation Protection consultancy to various clients involved in the use and sales of irradiating apparatus and radioactive materials. He is an approved Leak Tester licensed under AELB and conducted numerous leak test service on radioactive source for many manufacturing and oil & gas industries. He is also highly experienced and well versed with medical radiation industry, Mr. Jasmi successfully performed many Quality Assurance Test & Certification for various medical X-Ray facilities includes dental & general x-ray, fluoroscopy (c-arm, angiography & lithotripter), mammography and CT Scan and appointed as an internal auditor for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 compliance certification.

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) encountered in oil and gas and mining operations originate in subsurface formations, which may contain radioactive materials such as uranium, thorium, radium 226 and radium 228. The exploration, development and production activities will enhance NORM which will eventually be brought to the surface, which is termed as Low Specific Activity (LSA) or Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM). To help our client to keep TENORM exposure as low as reasonably achievable, we offer monitoring services which involve the monitoring and surveillance of the following parameters:

External radiation level
Surface contamination level
Airborne radionuclide
Radon / Thoron progeny levels
Radioactivity analysis of mineral by-products, sludge, scale, soil, liquids and flora/fauna.

This service is designed to identify radiation leakage from nuclear and radiation equipment. The tests are conducted to check for flaws or defects in sealed source enclosures leading to possible surface contamination and/or radiation leaks that can cause radiation exposures to workers. Every company that have sealed source must conduct leak test on the equipment every year.

Asia Lab has a fully equipped laboratory that can provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of radionuclide for all types of samples including sludge/scale, minerals and other geochemical and environmental samples. The laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited and licensed with the Atomic Energy Licensing Board to provide for gamma spectroscopy using the state of the art High Purity Germanium Coaxial Detector / Counting Systems. In addition, the laboratory has a fully automated low background Gross Alpha and Gross Beta counting system that can analyze up to 50 samples in a day for gross radioactivity values.

Asia Lab is competent training agency for sectors involved with radiation sources and irradiating appliances, as well as other HSE training. Our safety engineers are not only trained to perform monitoring work but they are also qualified to conduct professional training, especially those related to HSE. Asia Lab can customize training programs to suit clients’ specific needs and requirements. The training are:

Radiation Protection Training for Officer
Radiation safety awareness training for sectors involved in TENORM or any radiation applications.
Hazardous Chemical (mercury, lead, H2S) Safety training.
CME (Continuous Medical Education) for medical doctors.

Asia Lab is associated with some of the country and world leading subject matter experts. Our subject matter experts are consulted and referred to on a wide range of HSE matters to help our client to effectively manage hazards and risks at their respective operating areas. These services include:

Nuclear Medicine consultancy.
Environmental Impact Assessment.
Health Risk Assessment (HRA).
Radiological Assessment Program.
Radiation Protection and Shielding Design.
Preparation of Safe Working Procedures.
Radiation Protection Program.

Asia Lab provides decontamination services for an area, facility, or equipments that have been contaminated with radioactive and hazardous materials. Once the nature of the hazard (i.e. its chemical and physical form and activity of the contaminants) has been identified, a safe working procedure for removal of the contaminants is designed and carried out.

Our occupational hygiene professionals offer a comprehensive range of consulting services in occupational and environmental health and safety. Services offered include chemical exposure (mercury, BTEX, benzene, paraquat etc.), occupational air monitoring, noise exposure evaluation, indoor air quality assessment, workplace risk assessment and worker training.

Through our principles around the world, we supply the following equipment to public and private sectors:

Radiation monitoring devices
Scientific Laboratory Equipment
Medical Irradiating Apparatus
Nuclear medicine equipment
Medical Equipment

All companies that own equipments with radiation source and X-ray machines must have a Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) who is required to carry out a number of procedures and prepare reports to the licensing body as part of the compliance process. Companies that are unable to employ their own RPO are allowed by AELB to engage a company like Asia Lab to assume the RPO responsibilities.

This service offering is designed to help companies remove the “headache” of managing compliance with regulations that require timely annual quality control inspections that must be performed for all radiation related equipments. This service covers the following:

Management system that tracks the history of QC inspections for each equipment
Scheduling QC inspections
Conduct QC inspections
Provide QC certifications
Service and repair equipments that failed QC test
Provide overall management and regulatory reporting on all radiation equipments for the company













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